Koro Neil (pelliondance) wrote,
Koro Neil

What makes a song a good song?

Barry (surname Clubb, I think, or possibly Chubb) and Marguerite are organising some sort of songwriters' school in Christchurch for one weekend in August. They were among those who had lunch at Oamaru's Criterion Hotel on Monday, and they both seem quite keen that I should come up. I'm not convinced that my songwriting would benefit from such a school. I think I already know, or can extrapolate from what I do know, all the good advice on the topic that's going.
On the other hand, it's in August—two and a bit months after Whitestone, and two and a bit months before Cardrona—and would be a welcome break in the bleak four-and-a-half-month stretch that this time of the year normally is.
And I'd quite like to get to know Barry better.
[Don't answer yet—I have to go and cook tea]

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