Koro Neil (pelliondance) wrote,
Koro Neil

I've spent a little time this week sorting out some of the 2000 or so books in my study. I find I have read quite a lot of them, and referred to quite a lot more. I was astonished to find an Oxford text of Demosthenes' Orations. I definitely haven't read that. Must have got it at a Regent Book Sale.

Away to Waipara for a songwriter's retreat on Friday. The program looks scaryish. I'm mainly going because there's such a huge stretch otherwise between the Whitestone Folk Festival at Queen's Birthday (early June) and the Cardrona Folk Festival at Labour Weekend (late October). From the program, it looks as if they're going to make us write songs for groups to sing. Up early Saturday morning it says. It's not strictly a festival, so early may not mean 10.45 am.

Tags: books, folk festivals, folk music, greek, songwriting
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