Koro Neil (pelliondance) wrote,
Koro Neil

The Last Post?

I've reached the point of pointlessness where LiveJournal is concerned. Everyone's gone to FaceBook. My sister Cathrine rang me yesterday morning, to see how JB was—Anna is one of her FB friends. I told her that she (and others on FaceBook) are probably more up to date with Anna's news than I am, even though I see her every day. I have a superstitious dread of FaceBook, as I understand it is a favourite target of spammers and virus merchants.

I'm not going to close my LJ, as it is my main point of contact with some people, but lack of (pertinent) response to some of my recent items makes it an exercise in futility—not even the Celtophile (Galatophile?) contingent took note of the last one, which I thought was exciting—and I don't think I'll do any more posts. I will still comment on others.

Nō reira, ka kite anō, e hoa mā!

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