Koro Neil (pelliondance) wrote,
Koro Neil

Would a true geek freak?

I think I should feel concerned. My avast! antivirus program has, up until very recently finished each run by telling me that it has tested somewhere between 305,000 and 310,000 files in however many folders and found 0 infected files. I have run it three times today, because it is now telling me that has tested 78010 files in 6256 folders, and found 0 infected files. Everything seems to be working fine, and none of my documents seem to have disappeared.

I notice that when I run avast!, there is a thing that says Archive scan disabled, but I have no idea whether it said that on previous scans. I don't know if the answer lies in there, and I can't see how to enable the archive scan. If that's not it, then what's happened to the missing 230,000 files?

Any ideas, words of comfort/reassurance, red alerts out there?

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