Marking Time

Koro Neil
17 March 1951

I was born in Auckland, adopted at about 10 days old, and grew up in Midhirst and Waitara, both in Taranaki. I have a younger brother Allen and two younger sisters, Suzanne and Wendy-Anne—all adopted. I don't remember living in Midhirst (we left when I was 19 months old), but I remember the place itself with great affection from frequent visits later. Midhirst is New Zealand's most consistently misspelled place-name, ahead of Lyttelton and Feilding, both of which are at least nearly always spelled correctly on maps. Midhirst isn't even always spelt correctly in Midhirst!

As an adult I have lived mainly in Dunedin, apart from five years in Christchurch when we were first married. My children are [info]nakedcelt, [info]cannopener and [info]mordecai5, and I am koro to [info]cannopener's three children.

I had my first contact with my birth mother Althea on August 6, 2007, and met her and my two elder sisters, Cree and Cathrine, in Auckland in November of that year, Althea and Cree on the 22nd, Cathrine on the 24th. They all moved to Australia in the 1970s. Althea and my half-sister Cree and Cree's partner Lindsay live in White Cliffs, a township with a population of about 200 in the northwest of New South Wales, three hours drive from the nearest shopping in Broken Hill. My full sister Cathrine lives in Sydney with her husband Robert, who is Dutch.

I am moving in to the late phase of middle age, I am educated, I have a large number of interests, many of them - including some major ones - not yet listed.

I now have a second journal here.
I don't intend to do anything with it—it's just a point of contact with folks over there.

The following letters with macrons are for copying and pasting when I'm writing in Māori. (See, Daniel? It's paying off already.)


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